How to Write an Epiphany Bridge Story

Created by Owen Hagger on


Want to create your 6 - 8 minute Intro story in no time at all? We all know that stories are huge in helping to get your message across and sell the products or services you have to offer. Many people have come across Russell Brunson and his massive use of storytelling to sell. In this Recipe, you can create the "Epiphany Bridge Story" to explain where you came from and help the customer understand the Epiphany and the product that helped you get the dream result they are looking for. You need to know: {the problem} - not a one-word answer {solution/outcome/product results} - again not a one-word answer It might need you to play about with the descriptions you use, and maybe a little priming to help with context, plus CMD(Ctrl)+J as you need to. I've produced a 1000 word story in approx 10 minutes that needs slight tweaking along the way, that's enough for a 6 - 8 minute intro, a page, an About section, an intro to a video, webinar, or even a guest appearance.

Recipe content
>Write a backstory about how I overcame the issue of {the problem} including the struggle of {solution/outcome/product results} & add interest. >Write about my desires to accomplish {solution/outcome/product results}. >Write about the external problems I faced from {the problem}. >Write about the internal problems I faced from {the problem}. >write about the one big issue of {the problem} I faced that I then wanted to overcome. >Write about the moment I discovered the solution to {the problem} and you knew you could {get to / or use solution/outcome/product results}. >write about the plan you created for {solution/outcome/product results} including how I did {enter extra details of plan} >write about the internal & external conflict I experienced looking for {solution/outcome/product results}. >write about the transformation experienced in achieving {solution/outcome/product results} and I know you can achieve this as well.