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Video Script Blueprint with Show Notes

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This is a Video Script Blueprint with Show Notes that can be used as a blog post to drive traffic back to the video and bring in leads. This Video Blueprint was developed after I had a video hit a reach of 1 Million Organically on Facebook. It's a part of what we call the Map to Millions.

Recipe content
>Write a content brief about {topic}. (Manually move this into the sidebar once it's written) >Write 5 compelling titles based on the content brief above. (Manually select your favorite, make it an H1 format, and then add it into the sidebar and then remove the content brief from the placement above in the document.) >Write a PAS description for a blog post about the title above. (This will be the framework for the description of your video. Remove the words Problem, Agitate, Solution) (Manually enter: *CTA: If you want access to the show notes or {free gift} let us know below.) *Value Statement/Quick Introduction ie: Hi! I'm {name} I help {ideal client} to {solution you provide} so they can {transformation they receive} without {pain they want to avoid}. We do this via {signature method/unique mechanism}) >Write an intro paragraph for a blog post about {Title}. >Write a blog post outline for a blog post called {Title}. (Edit the format of these bullet points and make them H2) >Continue writing more information about the previous sentence. (Manually enter this command below each bullet point). >Write a conclusion paragraph for the above blog post. >Write a strong invitation to join me for my next video. (If you have a free gift or offer add that in here too.) This script blueprint will now serve as a guide for your video, and your Show Notes.