LIGHTBULB: Inspire the Best Image for Your Content

Created by James Nightingale on


Stuck on what image to come up with for your next piece of content? Short on inspiration? Take a break and let Jasper do ALL the work for you. This Recipe makes Jasper recommend a customized image, and compose the text prompt to generate that image in Jasper Art. With Jasper by your side, you'll always have a great image to match your content!

Recipe content
{insert title to your content and the intro paragraph/outline. Or just paste the command at the end of your doc} > what would be a great stock image for the above? Be descriptive of the scene, the medium, the style, the mood, and the aesthetic. Now take the output, delete the phrase "a great stock image for the content above would be" and plug the rest into Jasper Art. Adjust settings as required (highly detailed, photorealistic etc). Hit Create. And you're done! Perfect, matching art, customized to your content every time.