TASER Template

Created by Branden Ushio on


The TASER Template is for anyone hoping to get more interesting copy FAST. It's the perfect thing to help podcasters, writers, or even business owners create stronger Instagram carousels, content outlines, listicles, etc.

Recipe content
This kind of recipe is a little different than your standard recipe. It is more of a template. There are no commands to be run. You put your input in and press Ctrl+J. If this is confusing be sure to watch the Video There is an example TASER template for Jarvis to learn from. If you're creating Instagram Carousels he will create the copy for the images for you. This can also be used for content outlines, listicles, and more but was primarily developed with Instagram carousels in mind. Take the copy (starting with the Attention image) and use a tool Like Canva to put it on your images. Do not let Jarvis give you less than 5 statements which will give you 8 cards, and you can have at most 7 statements which will give you 10 cards (the max allowed). You will need to clean up the outputs a little bit from time to time just make sure it follows the format Topic, Attention, Statement(s), Engage, Request This can be used for blog posts, outlines, listicles, and more, but it was developed primarily as a way to make Instagram Carousels. *** Topic: How to Start a Podcast Attention: 7 reasons why you need to start a podcast Statement 1: It's an inexpensive, low-risk way to build an audience. Statement 2: It's a great opportunity to establish yourself as a thought leader. Statement 3: You can create a niche for yourself. Statement 4: It's an easy way to make passive income. Statement 5: You can practice public speaking. Statement 6: You have a platform to share your message with the world. Statement 7: It's incredibly fun and rewarding. Engage: What are your thoughts on starting a podcast? Request: If you want to learn more about starting a podcast, check out my podcast called Podcasting 4 Beginners. You can also click on the link below. ------ Topic: {TOPIC}