Linda Bonney's 5-4-3-2-1 Show Note Formula

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This is a great way to create show notes for topical podcasts or podcasts that have guests. 5 Keywords 4 Bullet Points 3 Sentences Maximum 2 Reference Links 1 Call to Action

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{DESCRIBE_YOUR_EPISODE} >Create a Product Description from the Paragraph Above >Find 5 Keywords for the topic above >Write an AIDA in 3 Sentences from the above >Write 4 Persuasive Bullet Points for the above Resources Mentioned in the Episode *** 1. *** 2. >write a product description about the above (Remove those Asterisks before running this command) Write a Call to action to get someone to listen to this episode described above Generate 5 catchy titles about the podcast episode described above *** To get more information about this Recipe contact Linda by at https://sendfox.com/lp/1dlovk Get more podcasting based Jarvis Recipes at PodcastWithJarvis.com/Recipes