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Bob Serling’s Power Copywriting Formula With Jarvis Boss Mode

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In this training, you’ll learn how to automate Bob Serling’s Power Copywriting Formula using

Recipe content
Create a list of features for the above Turn the features listed above into benefits Create an irresistible offer for the above Write an extraordinary guarantee for the above Write a powerful attention seizing headline Create a no-holds barred opening paragraph that delivers on the headline above Write eliminate objections with preemptive strike credibility Create an enticing sub-headline to keep them reading Write about the deep pains a customer for the above are looking to solve Demonstrate how your product eliminates the pain above Write a personal bio that establishes my credibility for the above Lock in credibility with insiders benefits Show unquestionable proof that you can deliver what you promised above - (NOTE: use real testimonials not what Jarvis spits out) Write a powerful bullet list of benefits that customer gets from the above Summarize the key benefits for the above Write about the product and bonus package for the above State the price of the product Issue a call to action Shift the risk Summarize all the main benefits for the above Increase response by adding a P.S.