Write Epic Blog Posts for WordPress

Created by Jake Pfohl on


With this Jasper Recipe, you will learn how to write epic blog posts for WordPress that are SEO-optimized using a free SEO plugin (RankMath). To learn even more and follow along, check out the in-depth tutorial at

Recipe content
Blog Post Focus Keyword: {KEYWORD} >write a content brief for {KEYWORD} [Take this content brief and paste it into the "Content description/brief" section in the left sidebar or write your own] >write some blog post titles about {KEYWORD} [Take your favorite blog post title and paste it into the "Title" section in the left sidebar or write your own] [OPTIONAL: Fill in the tone of voice in the left sidebar that you want Jasper to write in] [OPTIONAL: Fill out up to 3 keywords in the left sidebar that you want Jasper to focus on while writing] {Blog Post Title as H1} >write an intro paragraph >write an outline for a blog post titled {TITLE} [Make each outline item an H2 heading] {Outline Item 1 as H2} {Outline Item 2 as H2} {Outline Item 3 as H2} [Repeat for however many outline items you have] >write a conclusion about the above content [Jasper will read your intro paragraph and blog outline and create a conclusion for your blog post] [Place three asterisks *** above each H2 heading] [Starting with the first heading, place your cursor below the heading] >Write an intro paragraph for the above heading. [If needed, continue generating content for the first heading until satisfied. Use transition words to guide Jasper as described in the tutorial.] [Place cursor below the second heading and run the intro paragraph command again. Repeat for all headings in your blog post until you have all your content generated] [Check grammar throughout writing using free built-in Grammarly checker] [Time to move to WordPress! Create a new blog post in WordPress with the blog post title] [Take all your content from Jasper editor and copy and paste it into WordPress editor] [Add images to your blog post in WordPress using best SEO practices as described in the tutorial link] [Add links to your blog post linking to any relevant articles or products that you are writing about] [Make sure the free RankMath WordPress plugin is installed on your site] [Analyze your blog post with RankMath in WordPress to make sure the blog post is SEO-optimized for your focus keyword] [Publish blog post in WordPress. Done!]