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Perry Belcher’s 21 Step Sales Letter Template with Jarvis

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In this training, you’ll learn how to automate Perry Belcher’s 21 Step Sales Letter Template using Jarvis

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Write a headline for the product above that speaks directly to the customer Write a sub-headline for the above Write a problem agitate solution for the above Present the solution being offered for the above Describe the pain and cost of development for creating the solution Explain that by purchasing the above it solves their problem and makes their life easier Show the speed of results by implementing the above Future cast and help the reader imagine what life will be like after implementing the above and solving their problem Write a personal bio on why they should buy the above Share some statistics about the above (this is where you’ll want to personally research some stats or have testimonials from customers) Make them an irresistible offer for the above Add bonuses that increase the perceived value for the above Build up the value for the above and explain what it is all worth Reveal the price of the product above Inject scarcity to get them to take action and purchase the product above Give a money-back guarantee for the above Write a call to action so they click the buy now button and order the product above Warn against the consequences if they don’t buy the product above Recap the entire offer and remind them what they are getting. Summarize the problem, solution, offer guarantee, benefits and consequences if they don’t buy now