Mimic: How to detect and mimic any tone of voice

Created by James Nightingale on


Have existing client branding you need to match? Or a sample style that you want to copy? Maybe you just wish there was an easier way to use "tone of voice" without using a thesaurus? This recipe will help you extract the perfect tone from any text. From the Jasper Whisperer - Jim Nightingale.

Recipe content
{Original Content Paragraph} > Describe the tone of the above Add *** above output > which famous person's tone of voice would best match the above descriptors? Congratulations. You now have a list of adjectives to describe the desired tone of voice. Plus the perfect Jarvis-recognized celebrity to call it up. Plug these into your template or long-form doc to unleash the powers of ventriloquism! BONUS: want to sound the complete opposite to your sample text? Add this step between 1 & 2: > provide antonyms of the above words