Rewrite Blog Posts

Created by Christian Coulson on


Quickly rewrite old blog posts.

Recipe content
[Paste your original intro and run the following command underneath it] > Rewrite the above content in a {TONE_OF_VOICE} way [Delete the original intro] [Add your next heading and place *** underneath it to prevent Jarvis from rewriting it] [Add the next section underneath the *** and run the command below] > Rewrite the above content in a {TONE_OF_VOICE} way [Delete the old section] [Repeat for as many paragraphs as you'd like. Just remember to place the *** each time to prevent Jarvis from reading above that point] [To turn a paragraph into lists, run the command below] > Make a list of the above content [To turn a list into a paragraph, run the command below] > Write a paragraph about the above content [To summarize content, run the command below] > Condense the above to a clear message [Once you're done, delete all the ***]