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David Frey’s 12 Step Foolproof Sales Letter Template with Jarvis Boss Mode

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In this training, you’ll learn how to automate David Frey’s 12-Step Foolproof Sales Letter Template using Jarvis Boss Mode

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Write a “how to” headline about the above Write a “Secrets of _________ Revealed!” headline about the above Write a "Warning! Don’t Even Think of _______ Until You _______” headline about the above Write a problem agitate solution about the above Write a personal bio for the above Write a list of bulleted benefits for the above NOTE: This is where you’d put your testimonials and other social proof Write an irresistible offer for the above Write a “100%, No Questions Asked, Take It-To-The-Bank” Guarantee for the above Inject some scarcity so people take action and purchase the above Write a call to action for the above Use the "risk of loss" strategy and write a warning about the consequences of not purchasing the product above Write a close for the above to motivate someone to take action Write a P.S. to reminding them of the irresistible offer and call to action above