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asdf 1HR BLOG POST - REVIEW VERSION asdf Made by asdf Access Instructions & Videos here: asdf How to Use This Template: asdf Fill in the “NOTES.” This gets you clear on what you’re writing (and what Google wants). asdf Feel free to copy/paste this into a Google Doc, WordPress, Surfer SEO, or wherever you want! asdf The Rules asdf Be quick and sloppy. (don’t overthink it) asdf Get the 1st draft done as soon as humanly possible. asdf Format later. Edit later. asdf The "asdf" are placeholders. Search (Cmd or Control + F is the shortcut) the page for "asdf" and triple-click the lines to quickly delete asdf Have fun! asdf NOTES & PRE-PLANNING CLARITY <------------------------------------------- *** Product: {product} Facts About Product {Fact 1} {Fact 2} {Fact 3} Problem Product solves: Primary Benefit: Price: Product features: {feature 1} {feature 2} {feature 3} {feature 4} {feature 5} Opinions from Using {product}: {Opinion 1} {Opinion 2} {Opinion 3} {Opinion 4} {Opinion 5} Product Alternatives {alternative 1} {alternative 2} {alternative 3} {alternative 4} {alternative 5} Final Result/Verdict: Overall sentiment: CTA: asdf BEGIN CONTENT <---------------------------------------------- >generate a list of title ideas for {product} review (choose one title you like best, H1 it, and delete the rest) asdf INTRO >Write an introduction in first person about a problem related to {problem product solves} >Write a paragraph about when I first heard about {product} >Write a paragraph about deciding to give {product} a try >Write a pros and cons list Thoughts on Using {product} (H2) asdf PRODUCT OVERVIEW, including pricing >Explain in detail what {product} is and give background about {brand name} >Write about how {product} claims to make life better because it {primary benefit} Pricing (H2) >Write a paragraph about the pricing of {product} asdf FEATURES (Cut and paste the features from prep section, and turn each into H3 subheadings. Cut and paste the below instruction and paste it under the first H3 subheading, and run the command. Then under each H3 heading after that, hit Compose.) >Write a paragraph about how {product} is {feature 1} asdf ALTERNATIVES >Write a paragraph about how there are alternative options to {PRODUCT} Asdf FAQ (Hit Compose) Asdf OUTRO >Write a paragraph about {results/verdict} >Write a conclusion in 1st person about why the reader {should/shouldn't} buy {product} >Write a call to action to {CTA} Asdf END <-------------------------------------------