Write Emails for Guest Posting Outreach

Created by Christian Coulson on


Recipe for writing outreach emails for guest posting.

Recipe content
*Begin Recipe #1* [Add the information below inside the editor] My Name: {YOUR_FIRST_NAME} {YOUR_LAST_NAME} My Position: Founder of {WEBSITE_NAME} Editor's Name: {EDITOR_FIRST_NAME} Editor's Blog: {BLOG_NAME} Guest Post Topic: {TOPIC} My Previously Published Samples: • {URL_SAMPLE_1}{URL_SAMPLE_2}{URL_SAMPLE_3} [Run the command below] > Write a {TONE_OF_VOICE} cold email using the information above *End Recipe #1* *Begin Recipe #2* [Run the command below] > Introduce yourself as {YOUR_NAME} and write a {TONE_OF_VOICE} cold email to {EDITOR_NAME} about a potential guest post contribution about {TOPIC} to the {EDITOR_WEBSITE} blog. *End Recipe #2* [Other Notes] Always search their blog first to make sure the topics you want to write about haven't been covered. Hearing back from a pitch can take several weeks, so I suggest always including at least 3 potential topic ideas For more guidance on link-building with Jarvis (HARO and guest posting), you can check out this guide: