Podcast Episode Idea Generator

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There are many benefits to having a list of titles for episodes that one can cycle through. You'll never hit writer's block, have the "I don't know what topics I want to cover" dilemma or be at the mercy of your loyal and patient fans for sending you topic ideas you could use! Plus, if you need presenters, chatters or experts on certain subjects (with no thought put into figuring out who) - this will help narrow the search and create some additional content.

Recipe content
Instructions: Choose the topic that you podcast about or the expertise of the person that you are interviewing into the topic. Run those commands (You can copy and paste this into a notepad or other app that has a search and replace button and replace all of the {TOPIC} with your topic. If you want more topics generated you can either run the command with CMD+SHIFT+Enter to keep the command in place or many times you can move your cursor to the last generated idea and then press CTRL+J to have it continue. Topic: {TOPIC} Follow up questions: If you are struggling to understand how to use the results in a podcast episode here are some follow-up questions that you can ask, just put three asterisks (***) above the topic you are working with so that Jarvis doesn't look above it and get it confused with other topics Why is this important for {AUDIENCE} Tell me a creative story about how I have the {ANSWER} and how it will help you. Write an outline that would help {AUDIENCE} learn about the Above *** >write blog post ideas about {TOPIC} *** >write engaging questions about {TOPIC} *** >what doubts do people have about {TOPIC} *** >List the kinds of people who start {TOPIC} *** >Make a list of mistakes people who are new to {topic} make? *** >Give me video topic ideas about {TOPIC} *** >Write inspiring quotes about {TOPIC} *** >Write Marketing angles about {TOPIC} *** >Write Benefits about {TOPIC} *** >write Catchy email subject lines about {TOPIC} *** >Write Creative Podcast Episode Titles about {TOPIC} *** Get More Podcasting Based Recipes for free over at PodcastWithJarvis.com/Recipes