SEO Optimized Article using Surfer SEO + Jarvis

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Want to write articles that Rank in Google? Use this recipe to create an SEO-optimized article using Surfer SEO + Jarvis. Created by Anfernee Chansamooth (view more Jarvis tutorials & resources at

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STEP 1: Use SurferSEO KEYWORD RESEARCH tool to identify a high volume keyword for your topic/niche STEP 2: Use SurferSEO CONTENT PLANNER to find the best angle and volume keyword to use for your article Chosen keyword: {BLOG_POST_TOPIC} STEP 3: In Jarvis, create a new document using document editor [enable SEO mode] STEP 4: Draft the article using the following commands: *** >write a list of blog title ideas for {BLOG_POST_TOPIC} *** >write an article brief about {BLOG_POST_TOPIC} *** >Write a blog post intro for the above *** >Write a PAS for the content above *** >Write a blog outline for a blog post titled {BLOG_POST_TOPIC} *** >write about {OUTLINE_ITEM_1} *** >write about {OUTLINE_ITEM_2} *** >write about {OUTLINE_ITEM_3} *** Optional: *** >Write some persuasive bullets for the content above. *** > Write some FAQs about {BLOG_POST_TOPIC} *** STEP 5: Conclusion *** >write a blog conclusion on {OUTLINE_ITEM_1}, {OUTLINE_ITEM_2}, {OUTLINE_ITEM_3} *** STEP 6: Use SEO mode (Surfer SEO keyword suggestions) to optimize your article. Tips: use your primary keyword in headings and sub-headings, and aim for a 70+ content score (make it green). ***[ NEXT STEPS TO BE COMPLETED OUTSIDE OF JARVIS ]*** STEP 7: Prepare/edit the article for publishing: Copy and paste to Google Doc, then: - Research and add relevant links to credible websites, images (use keywords in the the image titles) - Embed related audio/video media to improve user experience - Run Grammarly Pro check to clean up grammar - Run Copyscape plagiarism check *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** BONUS: Post publishing tips: - Get backlinks from high DA sites through outreach process/content partners - Promote your content through newsletter/email list, partners, social media, paid ads, distribution networks - Repurpose your article into different formats (video/audio/short-form text/images) and share to different channels