Create Your Ideal Life

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Use this recipe to create a compelling life vision. Read and imagine your vision daily to help achieve your goals. For more helpful content and to be notified of new recipes, subscribe at:

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[STEP 1: TITLE Choose one of the title options below or write your own. Format as an H1 and paste the text into the "Title" box. Delete the unused titles and this instruction.] My Extraordinary Life My Amazing Life My Wonderful Life [STEP 2: BRIEF Paste the text below into the "Content description/brief" box. Delete the text and this instruction.] Write an inspiring and energizing story about my future as though it already happened. Write in first person, active voice, and present tense. Use rich, descriptive language to enhance the beauty of the writing style. Leave readers feeling empowered, motivated, hopeful, and joyous. Make the extraordinary seem possible, achievable, and likely. Use vivid imagery to paint a colorful picture in the reader's mind. Use short sentences and mini-paragraphs for greater impact. Speak with authority rather than uncertainly or doubt. Be creative, original, and avoid cliché. [STEP 3: TONE Choose one of the tone options below or write your own. Paste the text into the "Tone of voice" box. Delete the text and this instruction.] powerful, creative, goddess, wise, enlightened, bold, joyful powerful, creative, wizard, wise, enlightened, bold, joyful conversational, playful, giddy powerful, successful, fulfilled confident, humble, happy [STEP 4: INTRODUCTION Pick one of the sentences below as the opening sentence of your vision doc or write your own. Delete the unused sentences and this instruction statement. Place your cursor at the end of the sentence and COMPOSE until you have a paragraph or two to kickstart your document.] My life is extraordinary! I love my life! All my dreams have come true! I accomplished all of my goals! Life is good! [STEP 5: LIFE AREA HEADINGS Format each of the life areas below as H2 headlines. Add more areas or edit as needed. Check instructions under the last item for how to continue. Delete this instruction.] My Environment My Career My Business My Finances My Friendships My Family Life My Love Relationships My Adventures My Wellbeing My Knowledge and Skills My Spiritual Life My Creative Life My Contribution [STEP 6: LIFE AREA CONTENT Once each life area is formatted as an H2, place your cursor on a new line below the headline and COMPOSE. Use sentence fragments to guide Jarvis to write about specific goals you have. Delete this instruction when finished.] [STEP 7: CONCLUSION Conclude your vision with the statement below. Edit as needed to align with your belief system. Delete this instruction.] I am so grateful that this vision or something better is unfolding in my life now, with grace and ease, in the perfect time and the perfect way. And so it is.